The simplest way to get up and running in LinkTrust is to set up your first CPA campaign.

From your dashboard, select "Campaigns"

Then select "create a campaign"


Then you start creating your campaign.

  1. Follow the flow of the page and set up the basics required to start a CPA campaign
  2. Give your campaign a name.
  3. Select your tracking method, in this example, a CPA campaign. (The tracking method is the only thing you cannot change once you create the campaign.)
  4. Category, a way to keep track of the different types of campaigns. 
  5. Status 
  6. Testing
  7. Public Live 
  8. Private Live
  9. Paused
  10. Dead
  11. Pick an advertiser. This is the company/person to whom you are sending the affiliate traffic.
  12. If you don’t have any advertisers set up, you can set up your advertisers right now with just a name and go back in and add more details to your advertisers account later (such as email and phone).
  13. Designate the default landing page: where you want the traffic to go.
  14. Pixel type: Different advertisers have different requirements for pixel type. Pixel options available in LinkTrust are JavaScript, Server side or Image pixels.Your advertiser needs to place this pixel on their confirmation page so that when sales are made, the pixel will fire and the sale is tracked in LinkTrust.
    1. Serverside pixels may be on the backend shopping cart or backend server to fire, but they don’t typically place a serverside pixel on the confirmation page.
    2. Image pixel is the simplest kind of pixel, but it lacks functionality. It will track just fine, but it won’t let you piggyback pixels to your affiliates. It gives you limited functionality when you set up pixels for your affiliates.
    3. JavaScript pixels are always recommended by LinkTrust and advertisers will almost always accept a JavaScript pixel.
    4. This page will also let you email the confirmation page code to the advertiser right away if you select the button next to the pixel type. Before selecting this box, make sure to have an email address associated to the advertiser.
  15. Setup default payouts. Put in what your advertiser has agreed to pay you for each conversion and what you are planning to pay each affiliate for each conversion. (Not required)
  16. You can also assign this campaign to an affiliate if you already have affiliates you have accepted into your program that are set up with an account in your LinkTrust account. (Not required)
  17. Click "Create Campaign".

What next? 

Your campaign is now basically fully functional and could start tracking affiliate traffic. To actually have affiliates send traffic you have to add a creative for the affiliates to grab from the affiliate center.

Look under “assigned affiliates” to see which affiliates have been assigned to the campaign. Because they have been assigned to the campaign, the affiliates can now log in to the affiliate center and get their creatives.

Now that you have the basics set up, you can go through and do some customization on this campaign. You can customize filters, maybe create payout rules, but ultimately to get it up and running all you need to do are the above steps.

Alternately, if you don’t want to put creatives for your affiliates to pull, you can manually use the Link Generator to get a tracking link to give to your affiliates and the confirmation pixel to give to the advertiser.

Important note: If the confirmation page of the advertiser is a secured page (https) then you have to make the confirmation pixel secure to ensure it will fire when the page loads. To do so, make sure that your tracking domain has been secured. If you need to secure your tracking link, contact LinkTrust Support. 


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